In my works, I approach materials, everyday objects and food culture experimentally in order to raise questions about society. These serve as food for thought and speculation on how we deal with materials and things today and in the future. With extensive research as a basis, this results in conceptual projects that include various media

such as product design, photography, spatial design, graphic design and food design. The focus lies on experiences that can be explored using multiple senses.


September 2021-

June 2023


January -

August 2023


October 2021 -

December 2022


May -

September 2021



April -

November 2020


July 2018 -

April 2021


2016 - 2019




April - July 2018





Master studies in Experimental Design at Hochschule für Gestaltung FHNW Basel



Tutor Food Culture Lab HGK FHNW, Basel



Co-Lead orchestra technician at argovia philharmonic orchestra, Aarau



Store manager at Lorena's Pop-Up - supported by fidea design, Schweizerhof Lenzerheide

Designer for Fidea Design



Internship product design at chmara.rosinke, Berlin



Sales associate at VIU Eyewear



Bachelor studies with a degree Bachelor of Arts in

Product and Industrial Design with specialisation in Object Design,

Hochschule Luzern Design & Kunst


Internship at the bag and accessories label BADI Culture in Lucerne


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