Can salt Crystal change our perception of things?


What if rising sea levels and water shortage lead humans to produce sea salt in abundance?

Salt used to be considered white gold and was one of the most valuable commodities. But in the meantime, entire cities are sinking in salt due to over-industrialization, for example in the Dead Sea.

With positive properties such as fire resistance, antibacterial effect, recyclability and the possibility of self-growth, Salt is a promising and fascinating material.

This work is an approach to a material through experimentation, using it as an example to raise questions about the relationships and interconnections between nature and humans.

The questions collected in a poster / leporello serve as food for thought and speculation about how we deal with materials and salt crystals now and in the future. It aims to show and ask about the importance, value and potential of salt.




Master Experimental Design

Semester Project

Mentor: Susanna Hertrich





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