During the fifth semester one task was to develop stage props, costumes and objects for the theatre play CYBERCITY. It was a live film experience which was directed by Mirko Borscht and took place in the old factory buildings of the Viscosi in Emmenbrücke, Switzerland. Reality, film and theatre are merging in the dystopian cyber world of the play into something never seen before. The audience can move freely in the halls and experience their own story.

In collaboration with Selina Schärer, Textile student, we created the 'Wearable Sounds'. Organic ceramics expansions of the spine are growing out of the medulla of Sound-Cyborgs. They can poke into the depths of the spine with their ceramics claws and create blood-curdling sounds.

Our objects are also providing additional benefits to the sound of the musicians: the Wearable Sounds can produce raw, scratching but also flesh crawl making sounds which cannot be generated by classical instruments. As a result, it is extending the tapestry of sound.





collaboration with Selina Schärer, Textile Design Student

Module 'To think in Synergies', 5th Semester Hochschule Luzern – Design & Kunst



Cybercity, Director: Mirko Borscht, Luzerner Theater, March - April 2019, Viscosi-Stadt Emmenbrücke



Stoneware clay, hand-worked and 3D printed



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