PESÄ (Finnish word for nest) is offering protected space for sitting. The bent legs of the chair surround the seated person, like a bud protecting its valuable flower petals. Everyone can fashion their own nest with the pillows which can be inserted into flexible textile straps. The legs of the chair and the seating surface are inspired by ‚Stool 60‘ from Artek. In this case, however, the seating surface is twice as wide, which allows to comfortably position oneself in various ways, alone or cosily for two. The chair legs grow upwards in a dynamic curve to which an all-around textile net can be attached.

During the process, the focus increasingly turned to the feeling experienced by the sitting person. That is why a retreat was to be created – a space within space – which can be positioned in public spaces, the interior of an office or at home.


PESÄ – 2018



Module 'authorship and services', Bachelor 4th Semester

tutors: Florian Hauswirth, Andreas Saxer



2nd - 5th May 2019 Museum für Gestaltung Zürich



ash wood, steam bended, elastic bands from JHCO, Zofingen



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