During this interdisciplinary module, the students had to partner up and design a surprising give-away together with its packaging. Luisa Morell, Graphic Student, and I took an interest in paper folding and pop-up-cards. Our product shows metaphorically, pictorially and visually that the Hochschule Luzern Design & Kunst can open up new perspectives and that one can discover new things there. By turning, folding and unfolding the letters D and K for Design & Kunst, different lines for the courses of studies and the transformation of the student (greenhorn) to the graduate (wise eagle) can be revealed.





collaboration with Luisa Morell, graphic student

Module 'packaging' Bachelor 2nd Semester

tutors: Christof Sigerist, Theres Jörger



Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop



print plotted



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