As soon as we hear a tender melody, an explosive crescendo or the soft vibrato on that one tone we feel the warmth, the melancholy, the colours, the beauty. Clearly, music touches the soul. However, it disappears after listening to it and only lingers emotionally, physically and mentally.

As a result of my long-lasting experience in violin playing, I can empathise with this internal process. Within my bachelor’s thesis in Object Design at Hochschule Luzern Design & Kunst I wanted to look into this matter from a different perspective. I dealt with the question how one can find a creative strategy to visualize music and the thereby evolving emotions into a stable, enduring object.

The series ‚Édition des Émotions‘ is giving those emotions a visual and haptic appearance. Coming from my own sensations and interpretations, I designed those five ceramics plates. A proposal for the served food was drafted suitable to the particular emotions – in terms of the form, colour and taste – to generate an overall experience. It is meant to stimulate the user to have a sensual process just like the music can create. The subjectivity of the emotions is retained by the unrestricted interpretation of the plates. The project places special emphasis on our inside and shows the importance of emotions in the process of design and life.





Bachelor's Thesis

Hochschule Luzern – Design & Kunst

Mentor: Andreas Saxer



Stonewear clay, glased and fired



© 2022  Leonie Lina Hochstrasser