As a child I would squat for hours in the shade of the teepee built by my dad and painted by my mum - with feathers in my hair, blades of grass between my toes and paint on my face,. The smell of the canvas and the dried paint is still in my nose when I think back.

In the product developed for the Fidea/AKS competition, I wanted to revive this childhood memory. My intention was to find a counterpart to the tepee that could also be set up and taken down just as easily with wooden sticks and textiles.

With creativity and imagination, the easy-to-assemble and dismantle ship can be painted in the DiY character with textile paint. Will the children set sail with a fishing boat, a pirate ship, a police yacht or a cruise liner?

With the help of parents, educators or older siblings, 5-9 year old children can paint the ship according to their wishes, set it up and play with it. Creativity, skill and cohesion are thus strengthened in the whole family.


AHOI – 2020



competition AKS Fidea Design, Lucerne




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